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Professorship of Conveying Engineering and Materials Handling
Welcome to the Professorship of Conveying Engineering and Materials Handling

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Golder was appointed professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering on 01.07.2018 and has taken over the Professorship of Conveying Engineering and Materials Handling. Previously, he held the endowment professorship for Safe Mechatronic Systems in Intralogistics at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

The professorship currently comprises 5 research and working groups:

Textile machine elements
Plastic components and tribology
Application technology of renewable materials
Assemblies and conveyor systems
Vibration conveyor technology and system dynamics

The following main topics will be dealt with:

Main areas of work

  • Development, manufacture and dimensioning of textile traction and load-bearing equipment
  • Development of basic elements of technical logistics, in particular including modified polymers
  • Continuous conveyors for transport and storage technology in manufacturing and processing processes
  • Fundamentals of friction and wear of sliding pairs in traction guide systems
  • Development of continuous conveyors
  • Computer-aided dimensioning of continuous conveyors

The professorship is member of various scientific committees and institutions and has worked successfully on major research projects.


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