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Professorship of Applied Analysis

Professorship of Applied Analysis

Prof. Dr. Tino Ullrich

+49 371 531 37061
Reichenhainer Str. 39, Room 725

Research interests

High-dimensional approximation theory, hyperbolic cross approximation, function spaces, Information Based Complexity, functional analysis, signal processing


Tino Ullrich joined the editorial board of the Journal of Complexity

International conference "Stechkin-100", Moscow: "Postponed to undefined date".

Tino Ullrich will be Plenary Speaker at the international conference "Stechkin-100" dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Professor S.B. Stechkin.

Mecklenburg Workshop on Approximation Methods and Fast Algorithms

(dedicated to the 60th birthday of Prof. Jürgen Prestin) in Hasenwinkel: "Cancelled due to Corona pandemic".
Organizers: Ronny Bergmann (Chemnitz), Stefan Kunis (Osnabrück) and Tino Ullrich (Chemnitz).

Workshop: Approximation and geometry in high dimensions

in Będlewo: "Postponed to October 3-9, 2021".
Organizers: Leszek Plaskota (Warsaw), Joscha Prochno (Graz), Stanislaw Szarek (Case Western Reserve, Cleveland), Mario Ullrich (Linz) and Tino Ullrich (Chemnitz).

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