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Department of Computer Science
Schedule of lessons

Schedule of lessons

Students have to plan their individual schedule of lessons.

Planning the  individual schedule of lessons for the masterprogram Automotive Software Engineering
is a two step process. First, the complete masterprogram over all semesters must be planned. In this step
different optional lessons can be selected in order to set an individual focus.  It is VERY IMPORTANT
to plan first the complete masterprogram.

Then, in a second step the schedule of lessons for the actual semester can be planned. Hereby the actual
offered lessons must be recognized. The list of lessons in winter term differs from summer term.

Step 1:    

Use faculty's planing tool: Studienplaner   Icon Pfeil

This helpful planning tool is based on the
actual study documents. Please read the
following hints!

Step 2:    
Now, you may plan the list of lessons for
the actual semester. Therefor the central
list of lessons is the relevant basis.

Our central tool for planning the
actual semsteter is: Mein Stundenplan   Icon Pfeil

Please read the following hints!






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