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Department of Computer Science
Master ASE

Advisory Comments

You will find an overview in form of a table. All study modules which can be choosen in the running semester are listed. 
Thus, you have to select your personal modules. Up to know this planer is only available in german language but the
teaching language is pointed out.

  • Maximum 30 CP should be selected for one semester
  • The plan is structured according to weekdays and timeframes. Make sure there is no overlap of your selection.
    In a single timeframe only on course can be selected.
  • The selection of a course can be done by click marking.
  • If your selection process is finsiched, click at the page bottom to the button:  "Auswahl zum persönlichen Stundenplan hinzufügen"
    (Add selection to personal time table.)
  • the personal time table can be stored and printed.



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