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Department of Computer Science
Study Regulations

Study Regulations

There is no English translation availabel. But the following document is a collection of important hints translated into English language concerning the study- and examination regulations of the master program Automotive Software Engineering (ASE) at the Technische Universität Chemnitz.
But this document is 
  • not exhaustive
  • not legally binding

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What are the examination performances in the subject “German as Foreign Language”?
    The examination consists of two parts:
  • a written exam (leads to A2-certificate) and
  • a translation task, which can only be performed and credited, if the A2-certificate is passed.
  1. Is there a registration necessary for the translation task in the subject “German as Foreign Language”?
    Yes, you have to register for the translation task in OPAL (link to the course in OPAL), which is possible at the beginning of each semester.  


  2. Who can be the supervisor of the master thesis?
    Advisor of the master thesis can be every professor from the department of Computer Science (link to the professorships), but the professorship should be related to the topic of the thesis.
  3. Is it possible to prolong the editing time?
    The student can make an application with giving reasons for prolonging the editing time for up to 6 additional weeks – if the reason is illness, a medical certification is necessary (link to the form).
Further imformation is provided by Student Service.

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