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Department of Computer Science
Research Internship

Research Internship

The research internship will be offered at the Computer Engineering chair under supervison of Prof. Dr. Wolfram Hardt. For excellent students, further external research internships in the domain of embedded & automotive systems at different companys are possible.

During this internship you learn basic skills for scientific working and thinking. Major work packages include literature research, conceptual design, implementation, structured tests as well as critical analysis, discussion and technical documentation. Each student has to learn to act on his own accord over a longer time period in order to solve/process a given research project.

This course is also open to other computer science master students. The research internsip is suitable for all master students after the 2nd semestre. It is always offered at the SS and WS. If you undertake a research internship at a company beginning during the semestre is also possible.

ATTENTION! We can not supervise students from master programms Embedded Systems, Information and Communication Systems and Micro and Nano Systems.



  • registration

A registration about the OPAL course must always occur.

It is necessary that your documents are complete. This means in particular the declaration of your current credit points and the "summary of achievements". In case of an external research internship the topic with a description of your task as well as the responsible person in the company must be given. Only complete registrations will be further processed.

  • report

The report must have a cover, a table of contents and literature list and enclose at least 18 pages with content. For referneces the IEEE standrd have to be used. In case of an external research internship the company must confirm the report with stamp and signature.

The responsible supervisor should rate the achievement. For this the rating sheet which is handed over with the topic confirmation is to be used.

The research internship report and the rating sheet has to be sent to not later than one month after finishing the research internship.

  • external research internships

In case you organise independently a research internship at a company, the topic and scope must be confirmed BEFORE BEGIN. Otherwise no claim to acceptance exists. Hence, the registration must be also carried out for external research internships. Following you get notice about confirmation within 10 working days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Is a registration necessary?
    Yes, it is mandatory to register before the research internship begins. Keep in mind that the registration is binding. Also keep in mind to register your research internship early enough before planned start because we need at least 2 weeks for final approval.
  2. How long does the research internship take?
    It depends on your study regulation. For students with study regulation 2013 it takes 12 weeks. For students with study regulation 2016 it takes 12 weeks at university and 24 weeks in a company.
  3. Can the research internship be longer than 12 weeks?
    For study regulation 2013: Yes, it is possible, but only 12 weeks are mandatory – all time exceeding 12 weeks is optional.
  4. Can the topic / the company be changed?
    Yes, for one time. But then, the first internship has to be aborted (mark 5.0) and the second has to be registered again.
  5. Is there a template for the internship report?
    No, there is no dedicated template. Please use the template for master thesis provided here.
  6. The report has to meet the standards of a scientific report. Use the outline provided in the guideline for the master thesis (link to the guideline) as an orientation.
  7. What about the contents of the internship report?
    The report of the research internship is a scientific work – no diary, which means it follows a structure and statements have to be proofed.Keep in mind to use references in a correct format and way.
  8. What amount shall the report have?
    The amount is 17 – 22 pages. If this range is undershot or exceeded it leads to a degradation of the mark.
  9. Are there any formal requirements to the written report, if the internship was performed in a company?
    Yes, it needs to be stamped by the company and signed by the supervisor.                                                               
  10. What to do if I have further questions?                                                                                                      

    Contact via email Please note, that the handling time is at least 7 working days (Saturday and Sunday are not business days). Please do not spam the ce-team – you will receive an answer!​

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