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Computer Engineering
Master thesis

Master Thesis

By means of their Master Thesis students prove at the end of their studies that they are able to do independent work that is scientifically sound and focused on their respective occupational field. They need to apply a combination of gained knowledge and the technical ability to think scientifically to work on their given topic. If necessary, the thesis is part of development and research projects. Don’t forget the final thesis is a scientific paper!

Announced Master Thesis

Master Thesis in Progress

Finalized Master Thesis

General Hints


A master thesis supervised at professorship of Computer Engineering needs a registration via OPAL. A registration is always necessary this means for university external and internal theses. The process is described within the OPAL course: Registration OPAL


Please note, that the handling time is at least 7 working days (Saturday and Sunday are not business days). Please do not spam the ce-team – you will receive an answer!
It is desirable that all other exams are passed when you begin to work on your master thesis. If there are more than two exams to pass their will be an individual decision if you can start with your thesis.
Please keep in mind that the registration will not be approved, if the information is incomplete or verifications are missing. The registration is carried out via OPAL! Following information are necessary:
  1. The task – a description according to requirements (link to the requirements)
  2. The supervisor (inclusive contact data)
  3. The planned editing time
  4. Current transcript of Credit Points and a list with open exams
There is a difference between external theses, written in a company and internal ones at the university.
  1. External -> see the requirements (link to the requirements)
  2. Internal -> only announced topics from our website are possible!
There is a difference between external theses, written in a company and internal ones at the university.
  1. External: You will get a contact person for all issues during your thesis with official acceptance.
  2. Internal: Your advisor is the person who is responsible for the topic find in the announcement.
The work on the master thesis begins with the 6-8 weeks lasting concept phase where literature and the fundamentals are researched and the concept of the task solution is worked out. After this, the concept is presented 6 - 8 weeks after the approval of the topic. Before the presentation the slides have to be submitted to ce-teaching@informatik.tu-chemnitz.de.
Only fill in Prof. Dr. Hardt as the first examiner and leave the second field blanc.
After the concept phase, finished by the concept presentation, the thesis is registered at the examination office. At this point of time the 23 weeks editing time begin. This is not necessarily identic to the duration of employment in the labor contract, if the thesis is written in a company.
The student can make an application with giving reasons for prolonging the editing time for up to 6 additional weeks – if the reason is illness, a medical certification is necessary (link to the form).

Standard Reference Style

Duration of master thesis

Letter of Agreement for University Publication (MONARCH-Qucosa)

Publication Form Informatik Bericht


Below are the reference links for different databases, divided in to several groups based on the criteria for the help of the students doing their Master Thesis and Internship.

Each and Every dataset that is needed and used by the students from here needs to be cited and referred. Please read through the rules and regulations of using these datasets (Individually from Respective links) before using them