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Institute of Sociology

Information on Internships

The Bachelor in Sociology degree programme requires a compulsory internship that intents to provide first experiences in one of the many potential professional fields (Module 13, before 10). Students should possibly search for a suitable internship themselves enjoying relatively free choice. There is an accompanying colloquium during which internship activities are prepared and reports discussed. The written “reports” constitute the required exam for earning credit points.

Internship guidance & counselling:

PD Dr. Susanne Rippl

The Examination

As the module examination the internship is taken in form of the internship report, the students enrol for the examination only after finishing the internship. As of the enrolment students have a 6-week period at their disposal to write the report. The report is evaluated independently of the kind of internship activities, its length, or annexes to the report.

Layout and Content of the Report

The report should have seven to ten pages and be formatted similar to an assignment. It should contain the following key points:

  • Description of the institution
  • Description of own tasks (no diary)
  • Reflections about the internship (use, sociological relevance)
  • Possibly, an annex with documents on results or “products“ of your internship
  • A copy of your employer certificate confirming the duration of you internship is to be enclosed.

For purposes of archiving examination documents, please, send the report also as a file. Ask your employer to write you a certificate since it is a compulsory part of the internship report as stated by the new Examination Regulations.

In the following, you will find a list of internships and some example reports as a guideline for your writing.


Advice on finding an internship

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Internship positions

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Internship contract

download .doc

Example 1 for an internship report

download .pdf

Example 2 for an internship report

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Example 3 for an internship report

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Profession-Related Skills

In addition to sociological qualifications it is useful to develop further skills, in particular transferable, so called key or soft skills to prepare yourself for your professional life. Relevant training courses are offered by a large number of different providers.

We strongly recommend the counselling and training offered by the "Career Service" of the university. Also the Bundesagentur für Arbeit in Chemnitz offers a broad range of cost-free or reasonably-priced training courses dealing with the development of key skills and / or career entry issues.