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Professur Sportmedizin/-biologie

Lutz Baumgärtel (M.Sc.)

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Portrait:   Professorship of Sports Medicine / Sports Biology
Professorship of Sports Medicine / Sports Biology
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    +49 371 531-34365
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    +49 371 531-834365
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    Thüringer Weg 11: 021

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Articles (peer review)
2018Weigert M., Nitzsche N., Kunert F., Lösch C, Baumgärtel L., Schulz H. (2018). Acute Exercise-Associated Skin Surface Temperature Changes after Resistance Training with Different Exercise Intensities. IJKSS.
2018Nitzsche, N., Baumgärtel, L., Schulz H. (2018). Comparison of Maximum Lactate Formation Rates in Ergometer Sprint and Maximum Strength Loads. Germ J Sportmed 69 (1) 13-18
2018Nitzsche N, Jatzwauk A, Baumgärtel L, Schulz H. (2018).Vergleich eines Widerstandstrainings und sensomotorischen Trainings bei Patienten nach vorderer Kreuzbandplastik auf motorische Parameter und klinischer Funktion. Bewegungstherapie und Gesundheitssport (accepted)
2017Nitzsche, N., Baumgärtel, L., Weigert, M., Neuendorf, T., Fröhlich, M., Schulz, H. (2017). Acute Effects of Three Resistance Exercise Programs on Energy Metabolism. International Journal of Sports Science 7(2): 29-35.
2017Nitzsche, N., Baumgärtel, L., Neuendorf, T., Siegmund, M., Schulz, H. (2017). The Effect of a Controlled Exercise Therapy on Physiological Parameters of Energy Metabolism in Patients with Major Depression in the Acute Stage. European Journal of Sports & Exercise Science 5(1): 1-8.
2017Nitzsche N , Baumgärtel L, Neuendorf T, Siegmund M, Schulz H. (2017). The effect of a controlled exercise therapy on physiological parameters of energy metabolism in patients with major depression in the acute stage. Eur J Sports Exerc Sci 5 (1) 1-8.
2016 Baumgärtel L, Nitzsche N, Schulz H. The Influence of Functional Electrical Stimulation during Cycling Exercise on Cardiorespiratoric Response in Order of Cadence at Increasing and Persistent Exercise in Healthy Adults. J Integrative Med Ther. 2016;3(1): 4.
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2018Baumgärtel L, Weigert M, Lösch C, Schulz H. Comparison of physiological stress in two different step test exercise protocols in elderly people. 65th Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine; 2018; Minneapolis, USA. (Poster)
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2015Nitzsche, N., Baumgärtel, L., Neuendorf, T., Zschäbitz, D., Schulz, H. (2015). Physiologische Beanspruchung bei verschiedenen Krafttrainingsprotokollen. 22. Sportwissenschaftlicher Hochschultag, Mainz

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