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Institute of Chemistry

Contents of Master's Program

The programme of studies is intended to impart extensive knowledge in advanced principles, concepts and theories of chemistry and chemical research. It offers the possibility of individual definition of priorities by the students within a given frame. Emphasis is given to subjects related to chemical aspects of materials science, catalysis and synthetic chemistry. The programme is divided into mandatory courses (29 LP), modules of choice (out of two given sub-programmes with 40 LP and 21 LP, respectively) and the master thesis (30 LP). The mandatory courses are "Scientific Discussion of topical research including an industrial excursion" (5 LP), "Techniques of Scientific Work" (5 LP), "Project Work" (9 LP) and "Advanced Practical Course" (10 LP). These courses are supervised by university lecturers. The module "Project work" might be carried out at Chemnitz University of Technology, any other research institute or can involve an industrial placement. The mandatory courses are intended to train the graduates to work independently on a topical research project.
Within the first sub-programme the graduates have to choose 7 - 8 (40 LP) out of 12 main subjects (5 LP each; module Advanced Organic Chemistry 10 LP). The courses cover subjects such as Chemistry of Materials, Synthetic Chemistry, Catalysis, Polymers, Colloids, Nanotechnology, Electrochemistry and Computational Chemistry. Each module is composed of lectures accompanied by laboratory work on advanced level.
In order to specialize the students have to choose elective modules (3, 6 or 9 LP) from the second sub-programme (21 LP) which covers topics such as advanced analytical aspects, surface science, advanced inorganic, metal-organic and organic synthesis, materials science and chemical technology. It is possible to choose a maximum of three modules (9 LP) from non-chemical subjects offered by other faculties that complement the graduate's competence in chemistry.
The master thesis is carried out on a topical research project within the 4th semester over a period of 23 weeks. The students have to proof that they are able to work on a scientific problem independently and to present their results in a master thesis and an oral presentation.