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Professur Koordinationschemie
Seminars / Exercises

Seminars / Exercises

Winter semester:


General information for the winter semester 2020/2021
The seminar "Synthetic Methods in Chemistry - S1" with Prof. Mehring takes place as an online course. The link to the webroom and the course material can be found on the learning platform OPAL.
Link to the OPAL cours Synthetic Methods in Chemistry - S1, registration required

First seminar (including the introductory lecture for new students): Tuesday, October 13th 2020, 7.30 am


Summer semester:



Weitere Seminare

  • Aktuelle Probleme der Hauptgruppenelement- und Koordinationschemie
  • Anleitung zum selbständigen wiss. Arbeiten in der Hauptgruppenelement- und Koordinationschemie