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Professur Koordinationschemie
Coordination Chemistry

Publications and contribution to conferences

Presseartikel - Uni aktuell: Wie sich atompräzise Nanocluster aus molekularen Vorstufen zusammenbauen

Synthesis and characterization of titanium and aluminum complexes of 2-methoxybenzyl alcoholate and their use in base-catalyzed twin polymerization

S. Scharf, T. Rüffer, P. Formánek, R. Hübner, M.Weber, M. Mehring, H. Lang:

Inorganica Chimica Acta, 2024, 561, 121873

Porous Magnesium Oxide by Twin Polymerization: From Hybrid Materials to Catalysis

S. Scharf, S. Notz, R. Thomas, M. Mehring, C. Tegenkamp, P. Formánek, R. Hübner, H. Lang:

Eur. J. Inorg. Chem., 2023, 26, e2022006

Alkaline earth metal and lanthanide ethylene glycol carboxylates for metal oxide layer formation by spin coating

S. Scharf, S. Notz, M. Abdeldayem, R. Thomas, M. Weber, M. Mehring, M. Franz, D. Rittrich, S. E. Schulz, H. Lang:

Materials Chemistry and Physics , 2023, 301, 127634

Deposition of Nanosized Amino Acid Functionalized Bismuth Oxido Clusters on Gold Surfaces

A. Morgenstern, R. Thomas, A. Sharma, M. Weber, O. Selyshchev, I. Milekhin, D. Dentel, S. Gemming, C. Tegenkamp, D. R. T. Zahn, M. Mehring, G. Salvan

Nanomaterials, 2022, 12, 1815

Textile functionalization by combination of twin polymerization and polyalkoxysiloxane-based sol–gel chemistry

L. Kaßner, X. Zhu, K. Schaefer, Z. Chen, M. Maeller, T. Uhlig, F. Simon, D. Dentel, C. Tegenkamp, S. Spange, M. Mehring:

J. Appl. Polym. Sci, 2022, e52448


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