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Professur Koordinationschemie
Coordination Chemistry

Publications and contribution to conferences

Development of a new phosphorus-based adhesion promoter for production of metal-plastic composites

B. Mielke, K. Schreiter, S. Anders, A. Seifert, G. Töberling, F. Riedel, L. Kroll, S. Spange, M. Mehring

Poster, 4th International MERGE Technologies Conference - IMTC 2019 Lightweight Structures
Conference Proceedings, 4th International MERGE Technologies Conference - IMTC 2019 Lightweight Structures, S. 151-152,  ISBN 978-3-85735-111-1

Balancing Donor‐Acceptor and Dispersion Effects in Heavy Main Group Element π Interactions: Effect of Substituents on the Pnictogen⋅⋅⋅π Arene Interaction

M. Krasowska, A.-M. Fritzsche, M. Mehring, A.A. Auer

ChemPhysChem 2019, 20, 2539-2552.

Synthesis of Mg and Zn diolates and their use in metal oxide deposition

P. Frenzel, A. Preuß, J. Bankwitz, C. Georgi, F. Ganss, L. Mertens, S. E. Schulz, O. Hellwig, M. Mehring, H. Lang

RSC Adv. 2019, 9, 10657-10669.

Spirocyclic tin salicyl alcoholates - a combined experimental and theoretical study on their structures, 119Sn NMR chemical shifts an reactivity in thermally induced twin polymerization

P. Kitschke, A.-M. Preda, A. A. Auer, S. Scholz, T. Rüffer, H. Lang, M. Mehring

Dalton Trans. 2019, 48, 220 - 230.


Twin Polymerization. New Strategy for Hybrid Materials Synthesis

Spange, S. (Ed.), M. Mehring (Ed.), A. A. Auer, et al.

Berlin, Bosten: De Gruyter, 2018, ISBN 978-3-11-049936-0


Impact of the Exchange of the Coordinating Solvent Shell in [Bi38O45(OMc)24(dmso)9] by Alcohols: Crystal Structure, Gas Phase Stability, and Thermoanalysis

M. Weber, G. Thiele, E. Dornsiepen, D. P. Weimann, C. A. Schalley, S. Dehnen, M. Mehring

Z. Anorg. Allg. Chem. 2018, 644, 1796-1804

Homo- and Heteroleptic Coordination Polymers and Oxido Clusters of Bismuth(III) Vinylsulfonates

L. Wrobel, T. Rüffer, M. Korb, H. Krautscheid, J. Meyer, P. C. Andrews, H. Lang, M. Mehring

Chem. Eur. J. 2018, 24, 16630.



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