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Professur Koordinationschemie

Main Topics

  • Synthesis, structural characterisation and functionalisation of nanoscaled metal oxido clusters - From aggregation and nucleation to precursors for metal oxides and nanoparticles
  • Inorganic and organometallic molecular compounds with group 14 and group 15 elements – Synthesis, structure and precursors for materials which are suitable for energy storage, energy transformation and photocatalysis
  • Organic inorganic hybrid materials
  • Supra­molecular coordination chemistry
  • Photocatalysis

From Molecules to Materials


Our current research topics are related to inorganic and organometallic molecular compounds, nanoscaled metal oxido cluster and metal oxide nanoparticles, organic inorganic hybrid­ materials and supramolecular coordination compounds. The fundamental research in the field of molecular chemistry is extended by aspects in the field of materials science like heterogeneous photocatalysis, porosity of metal oxides, energy storage, energy transformation and properties of hybrid materials.

The main focus of our current research devotes in the understanding of the chemistry of elements of group 14 and group 15. A special interests is given by bismuth containing compounds which show an environmentally friendly benign and a low toxicity. These porperties offer potential in applications like catalysts, non-toxic pigments, medicinal drugs with antimicrobial effects and contrast agents in tooth and bone cements as well as in computer tomography. Our research in the field of catalysis by the use of the "environmentally friendly heavy metal" bismuth and the investigations on self-organisation of nanosclaed bismuth oxido clusters are embedded in grant-aided projects. Further projects devote to tin and silicium containing precursors and nanoparticles with poential in energy transformation and energy storage.