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Career Service



You are one of approx. 21,000 students which are graduating from one of our universities in Saxony every year. Our regional economy needs young talents like you! We want to help you with finding the job you are looking for - right here in our region.
This project is represented in the three Saxon regions around Leipzig, Dresden and Chemnitz. Together with the University of Applied Sciences Zwickau, the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences and the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg we aim to connect you with employers from the region of Southwest Saxony.
Our goal is to catch your interest for the hidden champions in our region. With a variety of offers (networking events, interactive workshops, company tours and exciting leisure activities) we want you to discover exciting companies as potential employers in a comfortable atmosphere.


The InTUCgrate project prepares refugees and international students for entering the German job market by teaching them important basics. We support you in improving your language skills through career preparation language courses and our "Language Dinner". You will have the opportunity to practice your German skills by interacting with native German speakers and other international students in a pleasant atmosphere.
In addition, important interdisciplinary skills are acquired through social engagement. We support you in finding honorary positions in student initiatives and associations in Chemnitz. Our primary goal is to facilitate your integration into the German job market through these measures.
InTUCgrate is closely connected to the project "Welcome to the TU Chemnitz" of the International Office of the TU Chemnitz and is in close exchange with it to offer refugees optimal support.