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Dissertations / Habilitations
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Dissertations / Habilitations

year author
2023 Sven Leonhardt

Development of the Boosted Innovation Loop process model for application-oriented research projects to overcome obstacles in the context of the energy transition

2023 Anja Hermann-Fankhänel

Sharing Economy - Innovations in Economy and Sciety enabled by Digital Technology

2022 Theresa Eckert

Digital Service Innovation - A Strategic Perspective on Portfolio Management, Commercialization, and the Organizational Context

2021 Anne Lange

Combining Frugal Innovation, Inclusive Business, and Scrum for Addressing Low-income Contexts with Sustainability Considerations

2020 Julien Bucher

Innovation Studies on Sustainability, Frugality, Imagination, and MEMS Technology

2020 Martin Albert

Innovation for and from Emerging Markets for Sustainable Development: The Connection between Frugal Innovation and Sustainability

2019 Julia Breßler

Education management in the innovation process. A case-by-case study of the interaction between innovation and education activities in organizations.

2019 Florian Rummel

Business model innovation process of manufacturing companies in the context of industrial digitization