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Information on the services of the library during the closing time as of March 17 2020, 1.30 am (changes are possible on an ongoing basis)

List of electronic offers with free access for a limited period

  • Printed media can neither be borrowed nor returned after March 23 2020.
  • All electronic media can be used.
    Explanations can be found at:
  • All borrowed media will be automatically renewed by Chemnitz University Library until further notice. Please do not send any media back to us by mail.
  • For the duration of the closing time no new reminder and overdraft fees will be charged.
  • Existing reservations for borrowed media will be retained. Provisioned media will be available at least one week after reopening.
  • Interlibrary loan orders and the collection of delivered interlibrary loans are not possible.
  • All public events, training courses, workshops, guided tours and consultation appointments during closing hours will be cancelled.
  • The staff of the University Library can be contacted for urgent inquiries at

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