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About Studienerfolg Pro

TUCpanel is supported by the Studienerfolg Pro project team.

Studienerfolg Pro is a cooperative venture between the study success-related "Kohortenanalyse" project (the SMWK "Vorhaben zur Bereitstellung einer gesicherten Datenbasis sowie zur Entwicklung von Datenverarbeitungs- und Datenanalyseinstrumenten zur Verwaltung und Berechnung von Studienerfolgsfaktoren"" project) and the TU4U project (the BMBF "Individuelle Übergänge ergründen, beraten und gestalten" project, part project 5). Both projects are focused on achievable success in and for the course of study.

To promote study success at Chemnitz University of Technology, a comprehensive information and support system is being developed that can connect the various levels of study and teaching, and strategically bring together the existing resources and measures for quality assurance (such as the student panel survey). Various objectives (as they relate to improving teaching and study) and needs of the various university groups should be taken into account, as should the possibility of implementing a university-wide monitoring system as a part of system accreditation.

Contact persons

Picture: A picture showing Anja Ertel.

Picture: A picture showing Andrea Hertel.