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Coming better organized for research to Chemnitz University of Technology from abroad

The International Office has revised its web presence for international scientists in a target-group-oriented manner

Currently every fourth student and enrolled PhD-student as well as every sixth scientific staff member at Chemnitz University of Technology is coming from abroad. In order to support international PhD-candidates and -students as well as postdocs and experienced researchers from abroad in their organizational start of their doctorate resp. research work at Chemnitz University of Technology, the International Office has revised its websites (in German and English) for international scientists ( with the objective to provide a fast and transparent access to the most relevant information for the effective organizational preparation and implementation of a stay for PhD-studies, research or work at Chemnitz University of Technology.

Thus, visitors of the website are directed immediately to target-group-specific Step-by-Step-Instructions enabling them to select the appropriate one according to their status (PhD-student, Postdoc/Researcher) and their country of origin (EU-/ EEA-country, other country). From the respective steps, the user is lead to further information regarding formalities to be completed after entry and during the stay, research opportunities and employment at Chemnitz University of Technology, funding opportunities as well as “living in Chemnitz” (accommodation, mobility, childcare, school, culture and leisure). The websites are completely designed in the form of an FAQ-catalogue in order to facilitate the target-oriented access to relevant information, i.a. also regarding the new “Visiting Scholar Program” of Chemnitz University of Technology (

“Chemnitz University of Technology attaches great importance to its attractiveness for the ‘best heads’ worldwide for studies and doctorates as well as for teaching and research at our university” emphasizes Prof. Dr. Maximilian Eibl, Vice-President for Academic and International Affairs, and continues: “Although, particularly for students, PhD-students and researchers from abroad, formal regulations and organizational challenges may be considerable obstacles for coming to our university. Especially also for this reason, I hope very much that the newly designed website of the International Office will make an additional contribution to facilitate the decision of highly-qualified personalities from abroad to continue their scientific qualification as well as to teach and do research at Chemnitz University of Technology in order to promote the further internationalization of our university.”

As a web presence only “lives” when it is used and respectively further developed, all visitors of the websites are cordially invited to send their opinions, questions and ideas to the International Office. Contact: email

(Author and Translation: Dr. Wolfgang Lambrecht)

Mario Steinebach

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