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On 7 November 2019, Chemnitz University of Technology was awarded nine university prizes for the year 2019, as well as the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Award

On 7 November 2019, the Society of Friends of Chemnitz University of Technology e.V. awarded nine university prizes during a ceremony in the Orangerie. Each prize is endowed with 1,000 euros. The awards recognise the best theses among all faculties at the university, as well as the Centre for Teacher Education. The chairman of the society, Dr. Peter Seifert, emphasised the special importance of academic development, as well as the relevance of the Society of Friends to the promotion and support of the university as a whole. Seifert promoted the support of the society towards research and teaching at Chemnitz University of Technology. Currently, the club counts 500 members.

The prize from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), accompanied by 1,000 euros, was also presented as a part of this festive ceremony. Prof. Dr. Gerd Strohmeier, President of Chemnitz University of Technology, and Prof. Dr. Maximilian Eibl, Vice President for Academic and International Affairs, awarded the DAAD Prize for Excellence to Foreign Students and Doctoral Candidates at German Universities to Kristina Dimitrova from Bulgaria, from the Management and Organisation Studies masters programme. She received the award for her academic achievements, personal qualifications and her intercultural engagement beyond her studies.

At a glance – the nine university awards

The university award from the Faculty of Natural Sciences was awarded to Dr. Christian Militzer for his dissertation on the topic of “Coating of Carbon Fiber Bundles and Weaves by Atomic Layer Separation”. The sponsor of this award is HTM Hardening Technology and Metalworking GmbH.

Dr. Thomas Jahn received the award from the Faculty of Mathematics for his dissertation on “An Invitation to Generalized Minkowski Geometry”. The prize was sponsored by eins energie in sachsen GmbH & Co.

The prize from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was awarded to Lisa-Marie Rymer for her master’s thesis on “Crack Propagation Behaviour of the Highly Plastically Deformed Precipitation-Hardenable Aluminum Alloy EN AW-6060 as a Function of the Aging Cycle”. She was unable to be present at the ceremony to receive the prize, which was sponsored by Niles Simmons Industrieanlagen GmbH.

The prize from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology was awarded to Dr. Mathias Lindner for his dissertation on the topic of “Determination of the Degeneration of Soft Magnetic Materials by Separation Processes and their Consideration in the Context of Electrical Machines”. The prize was sponsored by Siemens AG.

The award from the Faculty of Computer Science was awarded to Dr. Philip Parsch for his dissertation on the topic of “On Enforcing Reliability in Unidirectional WSNs: A MAC-Based Approach”. The prize was sponsored by DEROSSI Invest GmbH (KOMSA Group).

Dr. Katja Lohmann received the award from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. She wrote her dissertation on “Emotional Contagion in Technology-Based Service Interactions. An Experimental Study of the Effect of Smileys on the Emotions of Customers”. This was sponsored by Sonja and Dr. Jürgen Oehlschläger.

At the Faculty of Humanities, Andreas Friedl received the 2019 award for his dissertation on “The Initial and Original Question by Friedrich Schlegel, Friedrich von Hardenberg (Novalis) and the Brothers Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm”. The city of Chemnitz sponsored this award.

Dr. Christian Mitschke received the prize from the Faculty for Behavioural and Social Sciences, due to his dissertation on “Inertial Sensors in Biomechanical Gait and Running Analysis – Requirements for Sensors and Algorhythms”. The prize was sponsored by Sparkasse Chemnitz.

The ninth prize was awarded from the Centre for Teacher Education. It went to Sharon Pluschke for her state examination work in the area of “Monitored Everyday Life through Self-Tracking – an Explorative Study on how to Work with Fitness Trackers”. The prize was sponsored by Deutsche Bank AG.

During the course of the ceremony, 95 Deutschlandstipendien (scholarships), as well as awards for outstanding achievements in teaching, research and transfer were awarded to members of the university community. The event was musically supported by the jazz and boogie duo 2Hot, as well as Marc Hartmann, the musical director of the TU Big Band.

 (Translation: Jeffrey Karnitz)

Mario Steinebach

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