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Accompanying International Students on Their First Steps in Chemnitz

Currently seeking Student Buddies – with the possibility to earn a certificate

Chemnitz University of Technology (CUT) strongly supports its international students on their first steps in their new place of study.  A large part of this support is CUT’s Student Buddy Programme.  This programme is an initiative of the International Office (IUZ).  It is run by students and for students, with the main goal of connecting new CUT students with current students who want to help them out and impart previously earned knowledge and experiences.  The registration form and further information on the programme are available online.

So as to help as many incoming international students as possible “jump start” their academic careers via the enthusiastic support of a Student Buddy, the Patenprogramm is seeking engaged students.  Experienced CUT students who have an international background also have the possibility to improve their own intercultural skills and impart their own knowledge and experiences on new students.  Furthermore, participating as a Buddy in the Patenprogramm provides a possibility to get to know students from other cultures.  You also have the opportunity to take part in events and excursions that are offered by the programme.  If a minimum of two Buddies are supported while taking part in the programme, students will receive a certificate of participation.

Background: The Patenprogramm at Chemnitz University of Technology

The sponsorship of new students is organised by student assistants of the IUZ, along with a group of volunteer students.  Through this sponsorship, the Incoming Buddies receive meaningful support from experienced students, right away at the start of their studies.  There is also a responsible contact person for all different areas of student life available as a part of this programme, however, often the Student Buddy is the first line of contact in the new city, and they offer a welcoming aid in facilitating the social and cultural integration of the new student. 

Among the most important tasks of the Student Buddies is dealing with questions and problems of everyday life that occur as students adjust to their new city.  Student Buddies help orient students to the campus and the city, help with the completion of forms and registration, and help to improve students’ language skills. 

In addition, as a part of the sponsorship of students, the programme regularly carries out events that both Student Buddies and Incoming Buddies are cordially invited to.  This includes Orientation Week (one week prior to the beginning of the semester), exciting excursions, for example to Fichtelberg and to the border of Saxony and the Czech Republic, country- and culture-themed evenings, and much more!

For further information please contact Eliza Roth in the International Office (IUZ) of CUT, either by telephone at +49 (0)3717531-33654, or by e-mail at eliza.roth@iuz.tu-chemnitz.de.

(Author: Eliza Roth, Translation: Jeffrey Karnitz)

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