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Premiere: „Tag der Universität“

The „Open House Day“, the “Graduation Celebration Event”, the „Long Night of Sciences”: On May 20, 2017, the Chemnitz University of Technology show itself in numerous facets

This year, the Chemnitz University of Technology presents itself with a real event marathon to the public. On May 20, 2017, young and old, prospective students, Chemnitz University graduates, as well as Chemnitz residents and non-residents come together on the “Tag der Universität”. From 9 a.m. until 1 a.m. the doors of the Chemnitz University are literally open – with a program as multifaceted as the University itself. With the Children’s University, the international alumni meeting, the “Open House Day”, the graduation celebration event and the “Long Night of Sciences” March 20 is a special day. The Chemnitz University invites everyone interested to explore and to get to know the many facets and angles of the university.

8th “International Alumni Meeting”

(Starting at 9 a.m.)
Every two years the alumni and former employees of Chemnitz University come together at their Alma Mater to meet former colleagues, fellow students or just to walk in the old tracks. The kickoff event for the 8th “International alumni meeting” is the “Get-Together” on the evening the day before (May 19) in the Günnewig Hotel Chemnitzer Hof. On May 20, all-day long a varied program consisting of campus and city tours, information and entertainment events takes place. The alumni get the opportunity to get an insight into their old student files or to look behind the scenes at the modifications of the “Alte Aktienspinnerei” into the new central university library. In the evening, the alumni are invited to experience interesting presentations and lectures during the “Long Night of Sciences”. The 8th “International Alumni Meeting” will be complemented with a joint breakfast in the Hotel Chemnitzer Hof at 9 a.m.

“Open House Day”

(10 a.m. till 2 p.m.)
The university site “Straße der Nationen” provides on the “Open House Day” academic information at first hand: Professors, employees and students answer questions all around the topic of “studies” and present their departments, central institutions as well as student initiatives of the Chemnitz University from 10 a.m. till approx. 2 p.m. Prospective students can inform themselves about the study cycle and how studying at the Chemnitz University influences their life. Presentations, information booths and tours provide a thorough overview of the various offerings and modern facilities of the Chemnitz University of Technology.

“Children’s University”

(10.30 a.m. till 11.30 a.m.)
Listening once to an interesting lecture of the “grown-ups”: Children aged between seven and twelve have the opportunity to participate in the course of the Children’s University. This year, Prof. Heinrich Lang of the Institute of Chemistry, invites the junior students to the experimental lecture “Chemistry is fun”. On the “Tag der Universität” the lecture will take place in the auditorium 316 at the university site “Straße der Nationen” from 10.30 a.m. till 11.30 a.m. All junior students will receive mortarboards and certificates.

“Graduation Celebration Event”

(2 p.m. till 4 p.m.)
The Chemnitz University invites all graduates to a memorable and brilliant conclusion of their studies – the “Graduation Celebration Event”. Anyone who successfully completed their degree program or doctorate at the Chemnitz University of Technology in the 2016 summer semester or 2016/2017 winter semester will have the chance to reflect on this occasion on Saturday, May 20. All registered graduates will experience an unforgettable day with their families and friends in the St. Petri Church from 2 p.m. till 4 p.m. The musical accompaniment is provided by the Collegium Musicum orchestra. It is possible for all graduates to borrow a cap and gown for the ceremony for a fee. At the end of the Celebration Event all graduates will come together for the traditional group photo with the University President with subsequent champagne reception on the Theaterplatz.

“The Long Night of the Sciences”

(starting at 6 p.m.)
On the “Tag der Universität” the fascination for Research and Teaching will not be missed out: from 6 p.m. till 1 a.m. over 20 event highlights will be offered during the “Long Night of the Sciences” that is integrated in the “Chemnitz Museumsnacht”. Anyone interested can experience interesting and exiting experiments in laboratories or auditoriums, learn about the current Chemnitz research status in numerous lectures and presentations or look at exhibits from research areas that are rarely open to the public.

“Pupils Picnic & Ecumenical Graduation Service”

Close to the main university site “Straße der Nationen“ of the Chemnitz University there are two other events taking place: Located on the opposite site of the university building, on the Schillerplatz, the “Pupils Picnic” takes place to which the Schülerschaftsrat Chemnitz invites starting from 9 a.m. in the evening, at 6 p.m., the “Ecumenical Graduation Service” of the evangelic and catholic student community invites all graduates and alumni of the Chemnitz University of Technology to their service in the St. Petri Church on the Theaterplatz.

The broad range of programs on the “Tag der Universität” is made possible by the generous contribution of numerous sponsors.

Overview of all events and items on the agenda (constantly updated):

Matthias Fejes

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