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Security Policy Developments at a Glance

TUC graduate Jakob Kullik conducts research in the field of security policy and is currently working on his dissertation at the Professorship of International Politics at the TU Chemnitz

Whether cyber security or security of raw material supply – the issue of security policy accompanies Jakob Kullik since the beginning of his academic career. Several awards, scholarships and internships substantiate his great interest in this topic and, at the same time, indicate Kullik’s personal commitment. Born in Werdau, Saxony, grew up and educated, the meanwhile 27-year-old subsequently moved to the city. In October 2007, he enrolled for European Studies at the TU Chemnitz and mastered his Bachelor’s degree with flying colors. The main focus of the program is on the issues of European integration and aims at cultural, social or economic specialties. “I always had free development opportunities and was able to pursue my favorite focal points during the studies without losing the common European reference from sight “, says Kullik and adds: “My interest in Eastern Europe and especially German-Russian relations harmonized perfectly with the specific Eastern and Central Europe orientation of the European Studies course. At the same time, our lecturers and professors taught us a broad interdisciplinary approach. This basic knowledge defines many areas and enables students in Bachelor’s degree the orientation in what direction to go later. The depth of knowledge in a particular area is subsequently acquired in the Master’s degree. “The fact that a Master’s program should follow was therefore beyond question, and Kullik enrolled for the study program “Politics in Europe“. “I stayed in Chemnitz because I appreciate the excellent supervisory relationship. The fact that the university is rather compact and has short routes, increases the efficiency tremendously“, said Kullik. Furthermore, he worked as a student assistant since the fourth semester of his Bachelor studies and later was employed as a research assistant at the Professorship of International Politics of Prof. Dr. Beate Neuss. The pleasant working environment and many new tasks were another big plus for staying in Chemnitz.

The cooperation of the TU Chemnitz with numerous partner universities enabled him to spend a semester abroad at the Tomsk Polytechnic University in Russia and to improve his knowledge of Russian. At the same time, Jakob Kullik took the opportunity and deepened his knowledge in the disciplines of international relations, history and philosophy. Since 2009, the political scientist is also member of the association “dialog e.V. – Association of German and Russian economists“ and devotes himself to deeper exchange between Germany and Russia on civic and scientific level. As a head of department for scientific contacts within the association’s board, he strengthens economic and scientific expertise of the association and may also pursue his personal interests in the area of political linkages of German-Russian relations.

In his Master’s thesis, Kullik has further pursued the issue of security policy and was committed to both, political and legal components of cyber security policy in Germany. After the Federal Ministry of the Interior adopted its first cyber security strategy in February 2011, the subject of his Master’s thesis entitled “Networked (In-)Security? A Political and Legal Analysis of German Cyber Security Policy” became more relevant than ever. Kullik greatly appreciated the practical relevance with reference to current topics in politics and business during his study time: “I consider my course of studies particularly forward-looking, as it deals with issues that are relevant to our society at present. Both, European Studies as well as Political Sciences are placed in interdisciplinary boundaries in order to obtain a holistic view of current problems. At the same time, the students are prepared to quickly learn new topics and deal with problem developments in responsible decision-making positions.“

Since December 2013, Kullik has been writing a doctorate on the topic of supplying German and European economy with critical high-tech raw materials such as rare earths, germanium or indium at the Professorship of International Politics at the TU Chemnitz. Useful insights into the functioning of metallic raw material markets he receives at the Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology, where he is working as a visiting scholar and research assistant since last year.

Jakob Kullik has no concrete plans for the future yet, but his long-term plan is to work in the cross-sectional area of security and European policy. “Being a graduate of the European Studies and Political Sciences, one is well-placed in both, science and economy. It is broadly based and one can carry out work in various sectors such as consulting, foundations or political institutions“, the doctoral student explains confidently.

(Author: Katharina Preuß, Translation: Nataliia Boiko)

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