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„Good Teaching is Alive!“

On 27th November 2014, the 2nd Day of Teaching brings the „Mission Statement for Teaching“ again into focus - Students and teaching staff are invited to participate – registration is now possible

Esteem university teaching in headstand, experience creative teaching methods with LEGO live or have a look at how courses of other departments look like: “We have prepared an extensive program for all stakeholders in teaching and learning and will speak to freshmen, tutors, exercise instructors up to the professors involved in teaching at the 2nd Day of Teaching, which takes place on 27th November 2014“, says Prof. Dr. Christoph Fasbender, Vice-Rector for Teaching and Learning. In addition to the framework program, will be held eleven parallel sessions, which are structurally based on the design of the „Mission Statement for Teaching“ and visibly delineate the vital signs of good tuition. Thus, the community of the teaching staff and students will be afforded a greater attention: “There will be a cozy couch session with professors, where will be discussed, which forms of communication between ‚Hey Prof.‘ or ‚Dear Professor Mr.‘ is probably the right one“, said Fasbender.

At the beginning of this year, the Mission Statement for Teaching was developed as a basic order of future teaching at Technische Universität Chemnitz together with students, staff and educators. “On 27th November we want to give all stakeholders in teaching and studying the opportunity to internalize the developed mission statement. These include, taking a mutual view at where the good teaching already lives and where it may still have weaknesses and needs, or where we can tackle in a targeted manner“, explained Fasbender, who is organizing this day jointly with the projects of „Qualitätspakt Lehre“ (TU4U and Lehrpraxis im Transfer). “The academic self-assurance about what is a good teaching or what may it be, and what we already do for teaching is of a central concern. Only in this way the teaching and learning culture can further develop the meaning of the mission statement at TU Chemnitz“, says Fasbender.

As a start, Prof. Dr. Martin Franz-Xaver Wagner will illustrate the importance of university training in the context of the mission statement thesis: “Without good teaching, there would be no research innovation, no transfer of knowledge and no external funding“. “The fact that a solid, research- and competence-oriented teaching is the basis for good research is sometimes forgotten in the everyday university life“, said the keynote speaker Wagner, who was proposed by the University Management for the Sächsischer Lehrpreis due to his outstanding teaching performance.

For the poster session are still being searched successful examples of good teaching at TU Chemnitz. “We are delighted to receive good ideas, initiatives and projects that show, where and how a good instruction is lived at TU Chemnitz. Contributions from students and teaching staff are cordially welcomed and will be issued as part of the Day of Teaching“, says Anja Weller, who coordinates the poster session.

To enable all students and teaching staff to take part in the Day of Teaching on 27th November no courses will take place from the fourth learning unit, that is, from 1:45 pm. The registration is open from now until 24th November 2014 at, where can also be found all further information and the Call for Posters.

(Author: Dr. Maria Worf, Translation: Nataliia Boiko)

Katharina Thehos

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