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International Women-in-Science Day Will Be Celebrated for the First Time at Chemnitz University of Technology on February 2, 2024

On December 22, 2015, the UN General Assembly passed Resolution A/RES/70/212, establishing an International Day of Women and Girls in Science to honor the role of women in science and research. This day has been celebrated annually on February 11 around the world ever since. Gender equality is a global task for UNESCO, and promoting young women, their comprehensive education, and the transfer of their scientific ideas and findings are among its most important activities.

At Chemnitz University of Technology (TUC), the promotion of female scientific talent, supporting women on their way to leadership positions, and the compatibility of family, studies, and career are key topics in an increasingly complex work, research, and study environment. Therefore, on February 2, 2024, an "International Women-in-Science Day" will be organized for the first time at TUC.

For this occasion, the Vice President for Research and University Development at TUC, Prof. Dr. Anja Strobel, and the Equality Commissioner at TUC, Karla Kebsch, invite guests to the Alte Heizhaus at Straße der Nationen 62. The day will start with a scientific lecture by Prof. Dr. Pamela Billig Mello-Carpes, Professor and Vice-Rector at the Federal University of Pampa (UNIPAMPA) in Brazil, who is currently a visiting researcher at the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences at TUC in the work group of "Motor Skills, Cognition & Neurophysiology". Prof. Mello-Carpes works and researches as a neuroscientist in the field of learning and memory. She was a member of the leading management group of the movement "Parent in Science" (https://www.parentinscience.com/english) and also works on issues concerning women and parents in science.

The lecture will be followed by a panel discussion on topics such as "Dual Career", "Family Career", and "Challenges as a Woman in Science". The aim is to convey different disciplinary and life perspectives on the subject, share advice and experiences, and engage in discussion with female scientists at various career levels. The panel will feature Prof. Dr. Angelika Bullinger-Hoffmann, Professor of Ergonomics and Innovation Management at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at TUC, Prof. Dr. Olfa Kanoun, Professor of Measurement and Sensor Technology at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at TUC, Prof. Dr. Teresa Pinheiro, Professor of Cultural and Social Change at the Faculty of Humanities at TUC, and Prof. Dr. Anja Strobel, Professor of Personality Psychology and Assessment at the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Vice President for Research and University Development at TUC. The target audience for the lecture and panel discussion includes interested female scientists at all career stages and female students. The lecture and discussion will be conducted in English.

The second part of the day is dedicated to informal exchange among the female professors and junior professors at TUC. In a coffee-and-talk format, interested colleagues from TUC can exchange ideas and network, discussing focal points and needs for their work with the Vice President and the Equality Commissioner.

Program for the "International Women-in-Science Day" on February 2, 2024, at the Alte Heizhaus, Straße der Nationen 62:

09:00 AM                                Welcome

09:05 – 10:35 AM                   Scientific Lecture

11:00 AM – 12:30 PM             Panel Discussion

01:00 – 03:00 PM                   Networking / Coffee and Talk

(Author: Karla Kebsch)

Mario Steinebach

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