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Chemnitz University Library celebrated its move-in together with 2,000 visitors

Jointly with its neighbors from Brühl and a varied program, Chemnitz University Library celebrated “1,000 days at the ‘Old Spinning Mill’” on June 28, 2023

Subsequent to the pandemic-related "silent move-in“ of the University Library of Chemnitz University of Technology in the ‘Old Spinning Mill’ building in October 2020, the University Library caught up on its move in-celebration on June 28, 2023. Exactly 1,000 days after its move-in, the University Library celebrated jointly with its neighbors, Chemnitz Arts Collections, the Weltecho and its partners from the neighboring Brühl – and twice as many visitors from Chemnitz and the surrounding area took part.

“We had hoped that many university members as well as citizens from Chemnitz and the surrounding areas would accept our invitation to celebrate this special anniversary with us – but the response and popularity of this event far exceeded all our expectations”, summarized Angela Malz, Director of the University Library. “I am particularly pleased for my staff members who have done an excellent job in arranging a great number and variety of offerings for the participants. I would like to thank all the organizers, including our neighbors around the Library, cordially for their engagement”, Malz added.

Varied program until late evening

On-site, the visitors had a variety of different activities to choose from. For example, they could win prizes by spinning a wheel-of-fortune or enjoy freshly made popcorn in front of the building. In the foyer of the University Library, books donated by the Library staff members were distributed and the first 100 visitors had the opportunity to take an individually-designed “1,000 days” notepad with them as a souvenir. Other booths, such as the one displaying book stamps called “Ex Libris” by the Norwegian artist Torill Elisabeth Larsen, were also highly visited. In addition, the guests were offered the opportunity to create their own small knitting and crocheting products or their own artworks using the embossing technique under supervision.

On the first level, the guests could explore an exhibition about the ARWA Hosiery Company Auerbach or read the new "Magic Book“ of the University Library. When turning the pages, the initially blank pages fill “as if by magic” with electronic content that changes as the page turns.

Furthermore, interested visitors could learn more during a Meet & Greet with experts about professional ways to create and spread content about books via the social medium “Bookstagram”. By participating in the “Library Quiz”, the guests could compete in teams by answering knowledge-based questions about the University Library.

In addition, the Chemnitz Puppet Theater, a long-time user of the building, took part by giving an inside look behind the scenes. Guided tours around the University Library were very popular, and during these tours, participants were particularly impressed and fascinated by the architecture of the building. Many visitors were surprised to learn that even non-members of the university could benefit from the services of the University Library. As a result, some of them registered at the Library immediately after the guided tour.

The guided tours finished at the exhibition of "treasures“ of the University Library and the  University Archives, presented at the Reading Hall of the University Library on the 2nd level.

Not only the smallest, the biggest and the oldest book from the University Library collections were displayed, but also the Presidents’ chains of office, matriculation register books and items from the history of the institution. Of particular interest was the book "Vom Bergwerck“ (“About mining”) by  Georgius Agricola, a geologist and former mayor of Chemnitz in the 16th century.

To reflect on the impressions gained and to conclude the event, visitors could enjoy live music from the Stollberg City Band and the band “Solche”. The catering was provided by neighbors from the Brühl, including the café GRUNDMANNS.

(Article: Matthias Fejes / Translation: Brent Benofsky)

Matthias Fejes

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