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Chemnitz Student is Talent in Photomask Industry 2022

Cansu Hanim Canpolat-Schmidt studies Micro and Nano Systems at Chemnitz University of Technology and was honored with the Best Student Paper at the European Mask and Lithography Conference in Leuven

At this year's 37th European Mask and Lithography Conference (EMLC) in Leuven (Belgium), the organizing committee awarded the Talents in Photomask Industry titles for the sixth time. The award has been recognizing students for outstanding research work in the field of photomask manufacturing since 2016. This year, this honor was bestowed upon Cansu Hanim Canpolat-Schmidt by Carl Zeiss Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology GmbH. Canpolat-Schmidt is studying at Chemnitz University of Technology in the international Micro and Nano Systems program. The award was presented to her on June 22, 2022 and comes with a ZEISS certificate and a trophy. Canpolat-Schmidt will also be able to present her work at the SPIE Photomask Technology Conference in Monterey, California. The award also includes prize money of 2,500 euros to cover travel expenses.

Canpolat-Schmidt presented her results together with her supervisors Dr. Georg Heldt, Dr. Christian Helke and Dr. Danny Reuter, research associates at the Center for Microtechnologies (Head: Prof. Dr. Harald Kuhn) at Chemnitz University of Technology and at Fraunhofer ENAS. Dr. Anja Voigt from Micro Resist Technology GmbH is also part of Canpolat-Schmidt's support team and was involved in the presentation.

In addition to her studies at Chemnitz University of Technology, Canpolat-Schmidt conducts research at the Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems ENAS in the field of technology development for micro and nano systems. Her research interest is in the field of nanostructure generation by electron beam lithography. Thus, she works at Chemnitz University of Technology as well as at Fraunhofer ENAS to investigate new technological processes and to give impetus to the future of these technologies.

Enabling faster and more efficient electron beam lithography

With her conference paper titled "Lithographic Performance of Resist ma-N 1402 in an E-beam/i-line Stepper Intra-level Mix and Match Approach", Cansu Hanim Canpolat-Schmidt was able to show how the high writing times of nano- and microstructures using electron beam lithography can be drastically reduced by a so-called "mix & match" approach.

The method it presents not only results in more efficient technological processes and thus faster processing of the layouts to be produced, but also in new technological applications that were previously not feasible due to the time involved.

Mario Steinebach

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