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Improved Online-SBservice for Students and Employees at Chemnitz University of Technology

New examination administration has been integrated into the university's campus management software

The online SBservice at Chemnitz University of Technology has been expanded to include examination administration. This means that modern, expandable campus management software is now available for the processes of application and admission to studies, enrollment, re-registration, applying for a leave of absence, and exam management. Much of the work can be done from a home computer. For students, additional online functions have been added to the examination administration. Whereas in the previous system students were able to register for exams, view exam results, and print out certificates of achievement, the service has now been expanded to include deregistration from exams within the specified period and the printing out of exam protocols for oral exams and written papers. Previously, students had to register for this directly at the Central Examination Office (ZPA). The chairpersons of the examination boards and the clerks at the ZPA also benefit from the system’s new capacities. In the next step, functions for examiners will be activated.

"After the implementation of the application and admission procedures to the study program in 2016 and the student administration in 2018 in the CMS HISinOne from HIS eG, the implementation of the examination administration was a major challenge," reports Jens-Uwe Junghanns, the head of the project and department head of Student Services. Even though the use of the CMS HISinOne is already underway at German universities and has proven itself, there is hardly any empirical data on exam administration. Therefore, over the past two years, the programmers of the HISinOne university software and a project team led by Veikko Pippig, the head of the Central Examination Office at Chemnitz University of Technology, have worked together intensively, analyzing special features at Chemnitz University of Technology and implementing solutions. 

"The campus management software used offers potential for further steady expansion," reports Junghanns. The integration of a module catalog and the entrance examination for master's degree programs in cooperation with the examination boards could be next steps, the project manager hints.

The SBservice can be accessed via the link https://campus.tu-chemnitz.de. Access to the CMS is currently available to students, examination board chairs, and Student Services staff.

Questions about the project implementation can be answered by the head of the Central Examination Office, Veikko Pippig, e-mail: veikko.pippig@verwaltung.tu-chemnitz.de and the head of the project, Jens-Uwe Junghanns, e-mail: jens-uwe.junghanns@verwaltung.tu-chemnitz.de.

(Author: Mario Steinebach / Translation: Chelsea Burris)

Matthias Fejes

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