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Prepare for Your Studies with Bridge Courses

Registration for bridge courses in winter semester 2020/21 starts 24 August 2020 - many courses digitally available

Chemnitz University of Technology facilitates the start of studies for first-year students and current students through various bridge courses. A total of 16 courses are available. Due to the current situation there are numerous online programs. Registration is also possible online.

Susann Kappler, member of the TU4U project and coordinator of the preparation and bridge courses, says, "The bridge courses are a great relief especially for students who, due to the current situation, cannot be physically present before the start of the semester or who will not be in Chemnitz this semester at all."

16 courses from refresher to knowledge building

First-year and current students can choose from 16 different courses to prepare for either their Bachelor's or Master's degree. "The courses are designed to identify potential knowledge gaps and to work on them together with the lecturers - this includes refreshing school knowledge or repeating knowledge that is relevant for a postgraduate course," explains Kappler.

Especially the language, the texts, and the approach to knowledge at the university are often new territory for many first-year students. The online course Introduction to the Language of Science introduces students in their first semester to the language of science typical for the university and thus facilitates their entry into university studies. Course participants are introduced to the basics of scientific work and writing and thus gain an insight into a topic that will accompany them throughout their studies.

Those who are already studying at Chemnitz University of Technology can refresh their knowledge in the Online Preparatory Course in Statistics for the coming semester and repeat the stochastic and statistical knowledge from the Abitur.

Learning and getting to know each other

The courses not only offer the opportunity to refresh knowledge, but also to make the new contacts. To this end, Bridge Course Coordinator Susann Kappler has planned a special feature for the courses: "We know from past Bridge Courses that the preparatory courses focus not only on learning but also on getting to know future fellow students and getting to know Chemnitz University of Technology. To this end, some of the online formats also include break days, during which the campus and the city can be explored together in the fresh air, observing the rules of distance and hygiene.

Try out the design

Some courses, such as the Engineering Preparation Course, will take place in class as usual. In small groups, students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering will explore the research and laboratory halls as well as workshops on campus. In addition, the first basics of design will be taught.

Registration and further information: www.mytuc.org/rptz

Contact person: Susann Kappler, e-mail: susann.kappler@hrz.tu-chemnitz.de, phone: +49 (0)371/531-37160

(Author: TU4U / Translation: Chelsea Burris)

Matthias Fejes

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