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Online Platform for Providing Hardware for Digital Courses

Chemnitz University of Technology supports students who do not have the hardware to participate in digital courses via a specially established online platform

The participation of students in the now more than 1,000 digital courses at Chemnitz University of Technology requires a certain amount of hardware equipment. In some cases, laptops, webcams, microphones, and more are required.

Chemnitz University of Technology supports students who do not have the necessary hardware requirements by providing an online platform specially set up for this purpose. This platform allows students who need hardware to submit an application quickly and easily. At the same time, those who wish to support students by means of loans or donations can offer appropriate hardware and contact them quickly and pragmatically.

It goes without saying that when handing over the hardware, strict adherence to the necessary safety precautions must be ensured. The platform is available online on Chemnitz University of Technology’s website (German).

Note: To use the platform, the following steps are necessary after logging in via the Web Trust Center:

1. Click on “Angebote veröffentlichen”

2. Select “Veröffentlichung einer Kleinanzeige” at the bottom of the page and click “Weiter”

3. Fill in the form and click “Weiter”

4. Check the information again and click “Weiter”

5. Finish the booking in the last step

(Author: Matthias Fejes / Translation: Chelsea Burris)

Matthias Fejes

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