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Magnetic Films on Nanospheres

FP6, EU-STREP, IST-026513

Starting date: 01.06.2006
Ending date: 31.05.2009

MAFIN addresses the key challenges of magnetic media, targeting the potential for the ultimate frontier of magnetic data storage, where a single bit would be supported by the smallest nanoparticle with a thermally stable magnetisation. The vision of MAFIN is to achieve and combine breakthroughs that will create a new technology based on self-assembly and able to progress by scale reduction.

Prof. Dr. Manfred Albrecht is the coordinator of the MAFIN consortium that consists of different European research institutions and one industrial partner. For detailed informations please refer to the project website.

The MAFIN consortium, the reviewers and the project officer after the last review meeting at EMPA (CH).