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Semiconductor Physics
Systems and Applications

Systems & Applications

Systems (Materials, Structures)

Complex Structures Oxides Materials, Architectures, and Integration of Nanomembranes
Hybrid (i.e. Inorganic / Organic) Structures Wide Bandgap Nanomembrane
Nano Objects (i.e. Nanoparticles, Carbon Nanotubes) Magnetic Quasi-2D Materials
Plasmonic Structures High-k Graphene
  Perovskites Topological Insulators
  Transparent Conductive Oxides  


Spintronics Energy Harvesting Nanosensors & -electronics
Organic Molecules Si-Photovoltaics SMINT
Thin Ferromagnetic Layers Inorganic / Organic Hybrids cfAED
Oxide Nanoparticles Transparent Conductive Oxides NANETT
Lanthanum sSrontium Manganite (LSMO) Quantum Dots MERGE
spinOFETs Nanomaterials (i.e. Graphene, Carbon Nanotubes)  
  Thermoelectrics (i.e. CoSb3, Pcs)  

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