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Institute of Political Science
BA Program

BA program

The BA program Political Science [de] teaches you the fundamentals of politics, state and society. In compulsory courses you will learn how political ideas, power and interests are organized, articulated and implemented in political systems. And you will become qualified to analyse current political events with a high level of proficiency. Beside content-related competencies you will also learn methodological and communicative skills, improving your personal judgement and creativity in the process. Our courses thereby impart skills and knowledge from all fields of political science:

  • Political Theory and History of Ideas
  • Political Systems
  • International Relations
  • European Comparative Government
  • Political Science Research Methods

Afterwards, basic training in the study of politics is combined with related academic disciplines like History, European Studies, German Linguistics, Sociology, Psychology, Communication Science or Economics. This wide range of optional courses offers you the opportunity to choose an interdisciplinary specialisation. With your BA thesis you will complete your study with a piece of research. Traineeships are part of our program just as excursions are, thus our students can gain valuable insight into possible future career fields. Numerous international partnership programs provide opportunities to gather international experience.

The BA Political Science program is taught in German and designed for six semesters (three years) of study. If successfully completed, students will receive the academic degree Bachelor of Arts (B.A.).