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Methodology of Teaching English

TESOL - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Taking on TESOL

The TESOL course offered by TU Chemnitz’s Department of English & American Studies is designed to arm prospective teachers with the skills needed to capitalise on the interest in and need for English language teachers in the vocational and further education sectors. We are the only university in Saxony offering this specialisation at postgraduate level, and the course attracts students from across Germany and from further afield.


Thoughts on Theory

In the first semester, we delve into the key language acquisition theories that underlie various teaching traditions. Theories pertaining to psychology, cognitivism, information processing, acculturation and classroom teaching are covered, and we also consider some hot-button controversies, inconsistencies and areas for further exploration in the field of language learning.

Lifelong Learning

In the second semester, we set sail on the flagship Methodology of Adult Education course whereby we explore a range of andragogical frameworks, didactic traditions and eLearning innovations relevant for the teaching of English to speakers of other languages. Keeping the key language competencies in mind – listening, speaking, reading and writing - there are sessions on teaching grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and literature through traditional methods and also new media – an essential aspect of the 21st century classroom – be it of bricks and mortar or of the virtual variety.

The Final Countdown

The third semester courses Classroom Observation & Practical Language Teaching and Curriculum Planning & Materials Development show students how to leverage their understanding of education theories in real-world settings. Our partnerships with schools across Saxony, including the Chemnitz Volkshochschule and Sprachunion Language School mean that our students have a head start in the professional world.  The compulsory work placement is the course’s crowning glory as it is then that students truly test their mettle. In previous years, students have undertaken exciting teaching assignments in places as far afield as Bali, Cameroon, China, New Zealand, South Korea and the United States, but of course staying in Chemnitz or teaching elsewhere in Europe is also just fine and gives students a chance to meet their market without delay.

Coming to Chemnitz

If you’re an anglophile in search of your next great intellectual adventure, this TESOL course might just be for you.  Do get in touch to find out whether your first degree allows you entry into our master’s degree programme.  In addition to taking the TESOL specialisation courses described on this page, you get to pick a second major from the other specialisations, which, when coupled with our Practical Language Programme, will arm you with the skills you need to tackle the workplace with gusto and confidence.    Teaching itself is a vocation: one meant for the chosen few who have the patience and the passion to inspire and instruct students and to instil in them a lifelong love of learning.  However, this TESOL qualification is also part of an MA degree that affords its holder access to myriad other career opportunities beyond the classroom.