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English Department
English Department

Summer Institute “Languages and Cultures in Contact / in Contrast” (SILCC)

SILCC 2011: Language and Culture Data: Methods and Applications

SEPTEMBER 5-17, 2010, Chambéry, Savoie

within the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme, Erasmus Intensive Programme


The second series of lectures and workshops within the IP “Language and Culture Data: Methods and Applications”,
coordinated by the University of Łód´z, in collaboration with the University of Savoie, Chemnitz University of Technology,
and Ege University, is meant to further explore the multiplicity of interrelations and interfaces within language, culture, and communication, and facilitate the implementation of a modern, integrated teaching curriculum, enhancement of research collaboration and academic/professional mobility, and forging institutional links among partner Universities and other public institutions with culture-constitutive potential (e.g. mass media).
The 2011 IP will focus on three thematic areas:
1) contrasting varieties of learner language

2) interculturality in literature, the media and the arts, and
3) language, culture and translation.
Organized in Chambery, labelled the ”Art and History Town” for its distinct cultural character, it will use the resources of
the Universite de Savoie and its expertise in teaching and evaluating intercultural communication, as well as methodology, translation, and literary studies.The project is directed at advanced MA and PhD students intending to explore the interface between language and culture in both the EU and non-EU context, and apply this knowledge and skills in their academic and professional setting. The IP will employ a variety of teaching methods and techniques: lectures, workshops, seminars, practical analyses, hands-on sessions, movie screening, student presentations, mini-projects and field trips.
The outputs of the project will include videoed lectures and workshops, instruction manual for the analysis of learner language, new integrated curriculum for teaching languages and cultures, student reports on analysis and evaluation of learner productions, student mini-projects, website and e-learning platform (continued from year 1), language database with a wide variety of different multilingual media genres (continued from year 1). The envisaged learning outcomes will encompass a fuller understanding of the language and culture dialectics, mastering the intercultural competence as far as interpreting, evaluating, and implementing cultural artifacts (works of art, literary, and media texts) is concerned, enhancing intercultural communication skills, both in the academic and professional context, ability to recognize and render cultural-embedding of discourse in translation and teaching, and greater efficiency in using modern ICT environment and technological tools while collecting, analyzing and documenting language and culture data.

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