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Professorship Adaptronics and Lightweight Design in Production

What is adaptronics?


Adaptronics, also known as adaptive structure technology, is related to an interdisciplinary development (design, setup and control) of intelligent mechanical structures. In contrast to mechatronics, actuators and sensors in adaptronics are integrated directly into the mechanical system - for example components of passive load-bearing system may be extended by adding actuator or sensor functions. Adaptronic systems are based on the active materials, i.e. materials that change their mechanical/electrical properties or its geometry under the action of external factors. Such properties are observed for instance in piezoelectric ceramics, thermal and magnetic shape-memory alloys or electro-active polymers. Intelligent structures, which enable an autonomous response to any external environmental changes or disturbances, can be developed by the extension of an appropriate control system.

Vergleich mechatronisches und adaptronisches System

Mechatronics vs. adaptronics

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