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Professorship Micromanufacturing Technology

Equipment of the Professorship Micromanufacturing Technology

Machinery and equipment

KERN Pyramid Nano

High Precision Machining Centre
  Technical specifications:
  • Hydrostatic axes and guideways
  • 5-axis simultaneous machining
  • Position uncertainty: ±0.5 µm
  • Additional spindle for grinding and micromachining up to 160,000 min-1
  • Systems for automatic tool and workpiece measuring
  • Cooling lubrication with emulsion or MQL
  • Suction system for graphite machining
  • High precision machining and micromanufacturing of metallic and non-metallic materials 
  • Generation of functional surfaces
  • Grinding



Precision-Turning Machine
  Technical specifications:
  • Main and opposed spindle
  • Turret with operated tools
  • Process- integrated measurement system for cutting force and power detection
  • Cooling lubrication with emulsion
  • Precision-processing of special materials and hardened steels
  • Productions of side elements (e. g. boreholes, threads, spanner flats, ...)


Kugler Microgantry® GU

Microprocessing Machine
  Technical specifications:
  • 4 CNC-axes
  • High-frequency spindle with max. 200,000 rpm
  • Position exactness: ±0.3 µm
  • Minimal oil machining system
  • Integrated Nd:YVO4-laser (wavelength of 532 nm via frequency doubling)
  • Microprocessing (i.e. drilling, milling, sawing) und microstructuring (i.e. laser-beam removing)
  • Machining of non-ferrous metals

Sarix SX-100

Precisionmicroerosion Machine Sarix SX-100
  Technical specifications:
  • Workspace: 510 mm x 270 mm
  • Travel range X-, Y-, Z-direction: 250 mm, 150 mm, 150 mm
  • Travel precision: ±2 µm at 50 mm travel range
  • Micromachining (erode) of Metal
  • Micromachining (erode) of ceramics
  • Machining of Microholes down to 50 µm in diameter

Prototype ECM system

Modular self-construction for Jet-ECM and PECM
  Technical specifications:
  • Triaxial-system in portal construction-manner
  • Maximum voltage: 56 V
  • Maximum current: 10 A
  • Direct current and pulsed direct current
  • Maximum electrolyte pressure: 525 bar
  • Electrolytes: sodium chloride and sodium nitrate
  • Equipment for electro-chemical microprocessing

The prototype has been pursued in cooperation with the Fraunhofer-Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU.

P.FÜ.MA 200kN

Precision Joining Machine
  Technical specifications:
  • Working chamber: 500 x 500 mm2
  • Press stroke: 400 mm
  • Press capacity: Fmax = 200 kN
  • Spindle velocity: vmax = 3000 mm/min
  • AC servo-drive
  • Development of procedures and tool systems for plane microstructuring


Branson Ultraweld L20


Ultrasonic joining system Branson Ultraweld L20
  Technical specifications:
  • Operation frequency: 20 kHz
  • Power output: Pmax = 4 kW
  • Maximum joining area Fügefläche: Amax = 125 mm2
  • Modular tooling system
  • Automatic frequency control
  • Consistency of the amplitude and load compensation 
  • Development of methods for joining of dissimilar compounds (e.g. metal – CFRP)
  • Development of modular and microstructured ultrasonic joining tools and joining surfaces


Ultimaker 3

Ultimaker 3 Dual Extruder FDM Printer
  Technical specifications:
  • Printdimensions: 215 mm x 215 mm x 200 mm
  • Printable materials: PLA, ABS, PVA, ...
  • Height resolution: 20 µm
  • Nozzlediameter: 0,4 mm
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Practical courses for additive manufacturing

Measurement equipment

Workstation for measurement of roughness, shape and position

Roughness Measurement System LD 120
  Technical specifications:
  • Touching Distance: 0.1 - 120 mm
  • Measurement range: 10 mm
  • Resolution in z-direction: 2 nm
  • Rz-residual values:  35 nm
  • Measurement point distance in x-direction: 0.05 - 1 µm
  • CNC-y-table (smalest increment: 0.5 µm)
  • Roughness measurements of micro-sized components
  • Measurement of topography of surfaces for evaluation of functional behaviour
  • Measurement of tools for turning and milling machines
  • Evaluation of twist parameters
Mahr MarForm MMQ 200

Technical specifications:

  • High-precision roundness measurement axis (C)
  • Motorized vertical measurement axis (Z)
  • Motorized horizontal positioning (X)
  • Manual centering and tilting table


  • Determination of:
  • Cylindrical Shape
  • Form and position tolerances according DIN ISO 1101
  • Roundness
  • Flatness
  • Concentricity and other parameters

Dataphysics OCA 200

Contact Angle Measuring and Drop Contour Analysis System
  Technical specifications:
  • high-performance camera system with 10-fold zoom lens
  • engine-powered sample table
  • electronic direct dosing system
  • nanoliter dosing system
  • Peltier temperature control unit -30 °C ...160 °C
  • measurement of the static and dynamic contact angle
  • temperature-dependent evaluation of the wettability
  • evaluation of surface energy, suface tension and interfacial tension


DMG Microset VIO 20/50 linear

Tool Pre-setting System
  Technical specifications:
  • Precision spindle
  • Translative axes with linear drives and glass scales
  • Incident light and transmitted light
  • Decond camera for measuring the center height (with incident light)
  • Maximum tool diameter of 420 mm, maximum length of 500 mm
  • Substantial measurement software
  • Measurement of tools for turning and milling machines
  • Evaluation of tool abrasion

Keyence VK-9700

  Technical Specifications:
  • Violet laser diode and halogen lamp
  • Maximal z-axis resolution of 1nm
  • Objectives with the following magnification rates: 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x, 150x
  • Automatic measurements through engine-powered microscope stage


  • Optical surface detection
  • Measurement of microstructures
  • Measurement of tools for turning and milling machines
  • Evaluation of the tool abrasion


Keyence VHX-100



Technical Specifications:

  • 18 million pixel resolution
  • Three-dimensional display function


  • Valuation of tool wear
  • Evaluation of surface features

Nikon MM-400

Microscope for Measurement

Technical Specifications

  • Objectives with magnifying of 2.5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x
  • Micrometer-positioning table (150 mm x 100 mm)


  • Measurement of microstructures
  • Valuation of tool wear
  • Measurement of microforming tools
  • Measurement of turning- and milling tools
  • Evaluation of surface features

Polytec Modular Laser-Vibrometersystem

OFV-5000 Controller
  Technical specifications:
  • Digital Broadband-decoder VD-09:
    • Broadband: 0 - 2.5 MHz
    • Maximum Speed: 10 m/s
    • Resolution: 0.02 µm/s
  • Digital broadband-decoder DD900:
    • Resolution of travel: 15 pm
    • Frequency: 0 - 2.5 MHz
  • Contactless mesure of vibration
  • Mesurement of minimal length movements
OFV-505 Vibrometer-Mesurement Unit
  Technical specifications:
  • He-Ne Laser with wavelengh of 633 nm
  • Working distance > 250 mm to ca. 5 m

Sartorius ME36S

Micro Scale
  Technical specifications:
  • Weighing range: 31 g
  • Reading precision: 0.001 mg
  • Reproducibility: ≤ 2 µg
  • Fully automated calibration and adjustment function
- Application:
  • Determination of the removed mass after electrochemical machining processes via differential weighing

Sartorius ME614S-0CE

Analytical Scale
  - Technical specifications:
  • Weighing range: 10 mg - 610 g
  • Reading precision: 0.1 mg
  • Fully automated calibration and adjustment function
- Applications:
  • Determination of the removed mass after electrochemical machining processes via differential weighing
  • Determination of the (through abrasion) removed mass, for tribological investigations


COMSOL Multiphysics™

FEM Simulations Software
  • 2D- and 3D-environment
  • CAD-Import
  • Material Library
  • AC/DC module
  • Acoustics module
  • Chemical Engineering module
  • Earth Science module
  • Heat Transfer module
  • MEMS module
  • RF module
  • Structural Mechanics module


Surface Imaging, Analysis and Metrology Software
  • Data analysis of all file formats (confocal microscopes, white light interferometers, scanning probe microscopes, contact and non-contact profilometers)
  • Universal data export
  • Determination of areal surface characteristics

Other Equipment

  • CO2 snow-jet cleaning-device
  • Microscopes
  • Modular laser vibrometer Polytec OFV-5000
  • Pyrometer Infratherm IP 140
  • Digital  height measuring system Mahr 817 CLM-2D



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Portrait: Stefan Kuhn
Stefan Kuhn
Head of technique and operation

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