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Professorship of Production Measurement Technology


Specification - Measurement - Analysis - Testing Processes

The research focus of the professorship is the specification and verification of geometrical properties, where geometry is understood as the interdisciplinary carrier of function- and production-specifying information. In several research groups, application-oriented and fundamental research is developed in close cooperation between scientists and measurement engineers.

Are you interested in working with us on one or more topics or do you have ideas for a cooperation? Then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Measuring devices on Professorship and picture from measuring records


Selection of current industry partners::

  • Confovis GmbH Jena
  • KOTEM International Budapest
  • Porsche Leipzig GmbH
  • BMW Leipzig GmbH
  • Mahr GmbH


Publications of the professorship since 2007 can be viewed in the central database.