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Professorship of Production Measurement Technology


Study production measurement technology in Chemnitz

We offer a wide variety of exciting courses as well as in-depth training in manufacturing metrology in the master's degree in mechanical engineering and a supplementary course in the diploma in mechanical engineering.

Panorama internship room AK011


  • Students studying design and production engineering
  • Future test engineers, test planners, tolerance experts and engineers for the development of measuring instrument



  • Freundeskreis Fertigungsmesstechnik und Qualitätssicherung der TU Chemnitz
  • Porsche Leipzig GmbH
  • Marposs GmbH Chemnitz

Course Overview:

  • Geometrical Product Specification and Verification (english)
  • Fundamentals of Measurement Technology (german)
  • Production Measurement Technology (german)
  • Geometrical Product Specification (german)
  • Optical Devices in Production Measurement Technology (german)
  • Measuring System and Data Analysis (german)

In addition, we offer our courses in connection with many interesting advanced courses in the field of mechanical engineering.

An overview of our current courses is given here.