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Faculty of Mathematics

International Master and Ph.D. program (Master of Science / Ph.D.)

Standard period of study:
  • for the Master program: 4 semesters
  • for the Ph.D. program: 6 semesters
Start of studies:
  • for the Master program: usually with the winter semester
  • for the Ph.D. program: with the winter or summer semester
Entrance requirement:
  • for the Master program: Bachelor degree in Mathematics or equivalent degree, sufficient knowledge of the English language
  • for the Ph.D. program: above-average Master degree of this program or above-average Master degree in another mathematical program
  • Be aware that classes in these programs might be taught either in German or English, depending on demand.


There is no admission restriction for this degree program. However, there will be a review of the credits which were obtained in the previous study program (usually with a Bachelor or Master degree). The application is done with the form Application Form For Admission To Study For Foreign Applicants. Besides the form, please hand in the following documents:
  • curriculum vitae (with a description of your school career)
  • a list of all passed mathematical courses with a short description of contents
  • a list of all passed exams
  • two recommendation letters
  • Certified copy/translation into english or german of the Bachelor or Master degree, respectively

Please send your application with the complete documents to:

  • Technische Universität Chemnitz
  • Studentensekretariat
  • Abteilung Zulassung ausländischer Studienbewerber
  • 09107 Chemnitz
  • Germany

Please note that applications with incomplete application documents will not be evaluated.

An online application is possible as well; this requires sound knowledge of German.

Please pay attention to potential visa formalities as well as possibly the application deadlines of scholarship organizations. You may want to consider the general information on studying in Germany by DAAD.
If you have questions about this study program, please contact the study adviser.

Master phase of the international Master and Ph.D. program

Based on a Bachelor degree in mathematics, the knowledge and skills are deepened in lectures in pure mathematics and applied mathematics in the Master phase. In the third semester one specializes in one of the fields of study of algebra, analysis, geometry, numerics, optimization or stochastics.
Furthermore the Master study program covers a basis education in a non-mathematical minor from the faculties of Natural Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Computer Science and Economics and Business Administration
The study program is completed with the Master examination. This exam consists of the Master thesis, which is normally written in the 4th semester of the Master phase, and the subject examination in the subjects pure mathematics, applied mathematics, in the immersion and minor.

Ph.D. phase of the international Master and Ph.D. program

The Ph.D. study program deepens the knowledge and skills, especially for the self-reliant scientific work. Next to the immersion in the field of specialization, there is the option to attend respective lectures and seminars on latest research and discuss open problems in research. The demonstration of the knowledge obtained in these lectures are part of the doctoral viva. Further details can be found in the Ph.D. regulations.
During the Ph.D. study program, the dissertation is normally written during the 3rd to 6th semester. Thereby the students demonstrate by self-reliant scientific work that they can achieve results which are an advance of the scientific field, its theories and methods.

Master phase of the international Master and Ph.D. program

1. to 4. sem. Three Seminars
1. to 2. sem. Minor (8 SWS)
(from the range of courses of the faculties of Natural Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Computer Science and Economics and Business Administration)
1. to 3. sem. Pure Mathematics (8 SWS)
1. to 3. sem. Applied Mathematics (8 SWS)
1. to 4. sem. Specialization (14 SWS)
(algebra, analysis, geometry, numerics, optimization or stochastics)
4. sem. Master Thesis
The value of the credit hours (SWS, Semesterwochenstunden) refers to the minimal size of the lectures (without tutorials), which is content of the subject examination. In the specialization, 8 SWS have to be passed in an subject examination and 6 SWS as a examination with grade (Schein mit Note).

Ph.D. phase of the international Master and Ph.D. program

1. to 6. sem. Dissertation
It is recommended to attend additional letures and seminars during the Ph.D. phase.
The Master and Ph.D. study program in Mathematics, aiming for professional and academic qualification, prepares our students for a professional career as mathematicians in academic and practical working fields. In particular we aim to train academic junior staff. Very good professional opportunities can be found for example in the industrial research, technology centers and software bureaus. The applications range from the automobile and chemical industry, computer-integrated manufactoring and robotics to medicine, biology, insurances, banks, logistics and communications.

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