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Faculty of Mathematics
Faculty of Mathematics

In this seminar, graduate students present each other their research or related issues. The intend is to give an insight in the current problems of the various research groups in our department. Therefore, the speakers are encouraged to adjust the level of details in their talk. Each talk should take 20 to 60 minutes.

Even though the seminar primarily addresses PhD students, we also welcome interested master students and postdocs.

For up-to-date information and announcements you may join the PhD seminar mailing list.




Winter term 19/20

Date Name Title

Previous terms

Summer term 19

Date Name Title
14.05.2019 Michael Schmischke A Fourier approach to learning sparse additive models
21.05.2019 Organizational meeting
Thomas Jahn (starting at ~9.35 am)

What is pi?
02.07.2019 Luca and Franco Giovenzana Category theory, Yoneda lemma and moduli spaces

Winter term 18/19

Date Name Title
25.10.2018 Organizational meeting
01.11.2018 no seminar, just Berufungsvorträge
08.11.2018 Thomas Jahn It's the small things that count
22.11.2018 Clemens Bombach The Calderón problem
10.01.2019 Martin Winter Vertex-Facet Assignments for Polytopes

Summer term 18

Date Name Title
Thomas Jahn
Organizational meeting
What Wikipedia Can't Tell You About Circumcenters
19.04.2018 Holger Langenau Where hypergeometric series fail
26.04.2018 Robert Nasdala The hunt for volume formulas of strange-looking unit balls
03.05.2018 Ruben Schlotter Time-(in)consistent Decision Making
24.05.2018 Christian Rose
(!) begin is 9.15 am
Pure point spectrum for Schrödinger operators on manifolds
07.06.2018 Holger Langenau Square. Practical. NP-hard.
21.06.2018 Tobias Hofmann Minimal integral cycle bases
28.06.2018 Martin Winter Duality in cone optimization
05.07.2018 Jean Daniel Mukam Strong convergence of the exponential Rosenbrock-Euler method for semilinear SPDe driven by mutliplicative noise

Winter term 17/18

Date Name Title
16.10.2017 Organizational meeting
23.10.2017 Holger Langenau Introduction to hypergeometric series
06.11.2017 Robert Nasdala Behavior of entropy numbers under real interpolation I
13.11.2017 Robert Nasdala Behavior of entropy numbers under real interpolation II
20.11.2017 Felix Harder A bilevel optimal control problem
04.12.2017 Clemens Bombach Singular Fourier multipliers
18.12.2017 Weihnachtsseminar Identities and Oddities
22.01.2018 Ruben Schlotter Entropy based risk measures
29.01.2018 Franziska Nestler A short introduction to random operators

Winter term 16/17

Date Name Title
14.11.2016 Christian Rebs A lower bound for the norm of the Laplace operator
28.11.2016 Thomas Jahn Reduced polytopes
12.12.2016 Michael Quellmalz An introduction to reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces
09.01.2017 Jean Daniel Mukam Exponential Rosenbrock--Euler method for parabolic PDE
06.02.2017 Björn Sprungk Sparse polynomial approximations of functions of infinitely many variables

Summer term 16

Date Name Title
19.05.2016 Michael Quellmalz A generalization of the Funk-Radon transform
02.06.2016 Holger Langenau Introduction to hypergeometric series
09.06.2016 Christian Rose From geometric to analytic data
23.06.2016 Clemens Bombach How to avoid division by 0
30.06.2016 Björn Sprungk Uncertainty quantification
07.07.2016 Matthias Täufer Wegner estimate for Landau operators with random breather potential

Winter term 15/16

Date Name Title
12.11.2015 Maria Fernanda del Carmen Agoitia Hurtado Some comments on the change of measure for a class of semimartingales
19.11.2015 Matthias Täufer A brief introduction to unique continuation
26.11.2015 Clemens Bombach Form Methods
10.12.2015 Holger Langenau Schatten class integral operators I
17.12.2015 Holger Langenau Schatten class integral operators II
28.01.2016 Thomas Jahn Orthogonality without inner products

Summer term 15

Date Name Title
16.04.2015 Thomas Jahn A Song of Praise to the Hahn-Banach Theorem
07.05.2015 Siegfried Beckus (Jena) Schrödinger operators related to Quasicrystals
21.05.2015 Clemens Bombach The Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator
28.05.2015 Maria Fernanda del Carmen Agoitia Hurtado Modeling electricity prices through polynomial processes
11.06.2015 Christian Rose Mini course: introduction to Riemannian geometry I
18.06.2015 Christian Rose Mini course: introduction to Riemannian geometry II
25.06.2015 Christian Rose Mini course: introduction to Riemannian geometry III
02.07.2015 Jonas Kukla (Tübingen)

A spectral decomposition for the Bolthausen-Sznitman coalescent

Winter term 14/15

Date Name Title
25.11.2014 Holger Langenau Markov type inequalities
02.12.2014 Matthias Täufer Scale-free quantitative unique continuation properties and application to Random Breather models
09.12.2014 Christian Rose Dirichlet forms and Kato potentials
16.12.2014 Björn Sprungk Gaussian measures and MCMC in Hilbert spaces
06.01.2015 Brice Djoumba Tchuenteu Wegner estimates for Gaussian potentials
13.01.2015 Helena Gonçalves Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin-type spaces
20.01.2015 Michael Quellmalz The Funk-Radon transform
27.01.2015 Franziska Nestler The nonequispaced FFT and applications
03.02.2015 Rolf Springer

Linear elasticity

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