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Tandem Program

Tandem Program for refugees interested in studies and students of Chemnitz University of Technology

photos: Sven Gleisberg

The tandem program was originally developed by the student initiative "United Campus Chemnitz" at Chemnitz University of Technology. In April 2017 it was handed over to the projekt "Welcome to TU Chemnitz" of the International Office. The tandem program aims at bringing refugees interested in studying together with students of the university in order to assist and support them on their way to beginning their studies here.

The tandem program provides on the one hand a forum for matching refugees interested in studying with students of Chemnitz University of Technology in order to form a tandem and on the other hand it offers joint events in cooperation with the Student Buddy Program for supporting the process for mutual understanding and learning from each other.

Refugees, who are interested in studying at Chemnitz University of Technology can register for the tandem program by writing a mail to us: "Welcome to TU Chemnitz": We will provide you with further information.

As soon as you are registered with the tandem program, you will be provided with further information. If you are not interested in but still want to obtain information on studying and Chemnitz University of Technology, please do not hesitate to come to our consultation hours.

Soon, you will find here all activities that are planned for the summer term 2020 within the tandem program. You can only participate if you have registered.

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