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International Office


STUBE means Studienbegleitprogramm.

It is a support or supplementary program for students from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and South-East-Europe studying at universities in Saxony. It is particularly meant for students without scholarships. STUBE is found throughout Germany as well as in Saxony.

STUBE enables students to get to know people who are away from their home countries but are studying in Germany. Talking together, sharing one's situation, getting tips, discussing the policy questions regarding one's country of origin as well as the world at large, having fun together...all this and more is STUBE!

Offers of STUBE:Picture with international Students during dinner

  • Events (Weekend seminars and one-day events)
  • Industrial internships - and stay of study scholarships (BPSA)
  • Support of events at university premises
  • Contacts after studies

STUBE gives scholarships of 1 - 6 months for students from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and South-East-Europe (non-EU-countries). Due to financial constraints, such students are not able to visit their country of origin during their or make new contacts with their family and friends, potential employers and authorities, etc as well as to put into practice the theory they have learned during their studies. Their long stay in Germany makes them strangers of their own land. It is for such reasons that STUBE gives these BPSA-scholarships.

Who is supported?Picture with international students in a cocktail bar

Students who:

  • originate from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and South-East-Europe who do not have a scholarship
  • have completed their first degree (Please clarify this with STUBE)
  • have not been able to travel to their home country within the last 20 - 24 months
  • plan for a stay of not less than 4 weeks to a maximum of 3 - 6 months
  • are interested in policy development and are actively engaged in social endeavors

Further information can be found on http://www.stube-sachsen.de.

You can also subscribe to the newsletter: stubenews-subscribe@infozentrum-dresden.de with the subject: subscribe