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Lectures are mainly held in English, but support for German speakers is provided. Exams may be written in English and German as well.

All lectures are accompanied by Bildungsserver Sachsen (OPAL). Please register yourself for a course in the current learning group to recieve slides of the lectures and exercises as well as further information like literature or other supporting material. We also use Opal for communication of current topics and organisational information. This includes also the consequences of Corona Virus on the Lecture and Exercises.

573010 Bildverstehen You will learn the most important basics of image processing and image analysis. Additionally we examine the problems and challenges that we have to face when analizing audio-visual mediums (videos) in heterogeneous  datasets. In the exercises you will face the limits of this subject area. The course takes place in winter semesters. Due to technical problems with Opal, briefly the information:

Enrollment for the lecture Image Understanding in Opal (if possible/access) for Lerning Group BV WiSe 2020/21.

Lecture will start Monday, 12th of October 2020 5:15 pm in Webroom for Image Understanding.


578050 Mediencodierung You will learn about central aspects on the coding of media data. We focus on Compression techniques, file formats and streaming systems. The course takes place in summer semesters, is provided as E-Learning and suitable for high semester Bachelor or Master students. 

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