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Professur Datenmanagement
Professur Datenmanagement

Professorship Datenmanagement

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Sprechstunde / consultation hour 2024-03-01
Prof. Michael Martin bietet dieses Semester Sprechstunden nach Absprache an!

Prof. Michael Martin offers consultation hours by appointment this semester!


Data management has been and will continue to be an increasingly growing scientific discipline in the field of information technology. Data management includes many aspects that conceptually and operationally map the life cycle of data (from data acquisition, storage, processing, integration and revision through to deletion). The shift from a tool-centric to a data-centric view is one of the most important movements that will have a lasting impact on the reuse of data and the efficiency of its integration, migration and communication. The following diagram provides a very rough overview of topics that are considered in research and teaching at the chair:

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