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Institute of Human Movement Science and Health


The Institute of Human Movement Science and Health combines natural sciences, behavioral and social sciences and research methodology and data analysis. This presents the basis for a large spectrum of research activities.

The institute’s research can be divided into some thematic core areas:


Sport therapy interventions for chronic diseases (Diabetes mellitus, COPD, heart failure, depressions, e.g.), socio-medical development in childhood, educational and socio-political and cultural effects of playing drums
Motoric: Parkinson’s disease, Diabetes mellitus, sensory systems e.g.
Development of technologies: Development projects with industrial partners (PUMA, Armasuisse) and ergonomically working environments in cooperation with mechanical engineering


More information about research projects can be found on the webpages for research profile, research projects or on the research webpages of the respective Professorships.



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