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Student Representatives Mechanical Engineering
Student Representatives Mechanical Engineering



As our english website isn't updated regularly, you may want to check our german site at times (with the use of google translator or similar tools) to stay up to date. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Who are we?

All students of the faculty constitute the "Fachschaft". This means that you are a member sicne your matriculation. We from the student representatives of the department of mechanical engineering (as a shorthand we usually use the german abbreviation "FSR MB") are the representatives of the interests of all students of the faculty. This also means that we are students ourselves (thus we comunicate rather informally).


How do we work?

As an organ of the student body the FSR serves the self-administration of the student body. Our tasks are codified in the SächsHSG §24 Abs.3 (saxon state university law). Among these tasks are the support of students, recognition of student issues, and the organization of cultural and leisure activities. To finance this work we receive about 1€ of your semester fees.


How does this work look like?

  • Help with all kinds of problems in regard to studies (schedules, exams, courses,...)
  • Organization of introductory events for freshmen (Orientation Phase), other informative events during the semester( Workshops), cultural events (christmas party…) and trips
  • Finding/sending representatives to other university/faculty commities (student counsil, study commissions, examination commities, …)
  • Support of student initiatives


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Disclaimer: the english version of out website is still under construction. Please excuse any errors :)