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Professorship Communications Engineering
Professorship Communications Engineering

Long-term trajectory planning from digital maps for automated driving

In highly automated driving information about the static and dynamic vehicle environment are essential for path planning. Digital maps can represent knowledge about the static environment. Based on such data an intelligent vehicle can plan their path to reach a predefined destination in advance. In the thesis, a long-term trajectory planning for automated driving based on map data has to be implemented. The map implementation and an implemented representation of trajectories based on splines are already exists in the C#-framework of the professorship. The solution of this task should build up on these existing libraries. Data from a map, that maybe has to be generated at first, should be used as input for the long-term trajectory-planning algorithm. The algorithmic approach has to be described in detail and should be compared to related approaches from the literature. For the implementation of the algorithm, real-time capability should be noted.


- literature research
- get acquainted with the existing libraries
- developing an algorithm for long-term trajectory planning for an automated vehicle based on information from a digital map
- implementation of the algorithm in C# for a real time application and integrating it in the framework of the professorship
- evaluation and discussion/conclusion

Type of work: Research Project / Bachelor / Master

Requirements: working independently, good knowledge in programming language C++/C#

Contact: Timo Pech

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