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Professorship Communications Engineering
Professorship Communications Engineering

Integration and calibration of a high-resolution camera in a research vehicle

In the thesis, a GigE high-resolution camera has to be integrated and calibrated in one of the research vehicles of the professorship. Therefor a software module should be developed in C#/C++ to configure/control the camera and acquire images from it.

- literature research about camera calibration
- get acquainted with the existing libraries
- developing an camera software module for configuration/controlling and image acquisition based on the camera SDK
- implementation and integration of software module in C#/C++ framework of the professorship
- calibration of the camera in research vehicle (using for example OpenCV calibration library)
- evaluation and discussion/conclusion

Type of work: Research Project / Bachelor / Master

Requirements: working independently, good knowledge in programming language C++/C#, knowledge in computer vision

Contact: Timo Pech

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