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Professorship Communications Engineering
Professorship Communications Engineering

Survey of coarse and fast indoor/outdoor localistation techniques

Large-scale matching of maps work best, when the area in question can be restricted as much as possible. Hence it is necessary, to have a coarse estimate of the position of the sensor. For outdoor applications we can use GPS to get an initial estimate. However a GPS fix might take a long time to occur or, in case of indoor scenarios, might not happen at all. Instead it is possible to use open-source APIs for positioning based on mobile communication cells or WiFi networks. The task of this thesis is:

1. Do a internet/literature survey on available APIs
2. Implement software interfaces to use the chosen APIs
3. Do an evaluation of the performance w.r.t. a D-GPS
4. Test and document your work.

Type of work: Research Project / Bachelor

Requirements: Good knowledge of C++, Good knowledge in computer vision, Working independently, Self-reliant learning

Contact: Matthias Gabriel

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