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Professorship of Chemical Technology

Professorship of Chemical Technology

The apprenticeship in chemical engineering has been provided already in 1836 at the "Royal Industrial School of Chemnitz", which was the predecessor institution of Technical University of Chemnitz. Nowadays "Chemical Technology" is a W3-professorship at the Institute of Chemistry in the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

The professorship's main focus lays on the comprehensive education of students in the specific field of Technical Chemistry using mechanical-thermal unit operations, reaction engineering and heterogeneous catalysis.

The long standing concentration of the professorship towards micro-reaction technologies and heterogeneous catalysis was devised between 1993 and 2002 under the leadership of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter Hönicke. With the appointment of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Elias Klemm in 2003 this exploratory focus was continued and augmented.

Since April, 1st, 2014, Univ. Prof. Dr. Klaus Stöwe is chairing the professorship. A renaming of the professorship to Chemical Technology was attended by his appointment. Chemical Technology has to be considered as the processes of material synthesis. Starting from an idea and basic research up to application-oriented research, the competency of the chair lays in functional materials design with broad area of applications. Therefore, the professorship has a building bridge function between different departments as well as between basics and application of functional materials. The chair holder's expertise is covering inorganic chemistry, especially solid state chemistry and crystallography with a focus on functional materials up to technical chemistry with a focus on heterogeneous catalysis as well as Combinatorial Chemistry (CC) and High-Throughput Technologies (HTT), respectively.